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Plastic Canvas

Using Up Stash

Mom found a couple of patterns in one of her Plastic Canvas Books and wanted to see how they would turn out!  Without buying anything new, these are the patterns she found and they are made up to be magnets.  If you excuse the shadows of my hands trying to aim the camera, these are just beautiful.  The Celtic Knot on the left and top right is made out of two shades of green with a white background using long stitches.  The heart on the right and bottom right is made from pink, red, and gold using a combination of long and regular stitches on a heart shaped piece of canvas.

They both turned out great, Go Mom!

Happy Crafting!

Christmas Projects (2015)

Before I start in on what I have done so far in 2016, I wanted to post about the Christmas ornaments Mom and I made for the Christmas season!

One of my workplaces has a display of homemade ornaments that the staff have contributed.  I used my new Zoom Loom to make 3 different ornaments and mom created a plastic canvas cardinal.

Witchy Bit of Plastic Canvas

FullSizeRender(2) FullSizeRender

These are why my mother was looking for magnetic strips.  While these were originally considered coasters, we both think they are way too cute to put coffee mugs on!  The horizontal photo was taken by my mother, all by herself, it turned out really well!

Plastic canvas, from a kit, August/September 2015.

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