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Starting Tour De Fleece

On July 1, 2017 my Tour De Fleece started out with a bang.  I decided that since the Tour De France was starting with a time trial I would spin as much as I could as fast as I could.  This means that I wound up with a very full bobbin and I was very happy.  The results are not perfectly even, but that is not how I spin anyway.  I am very pleased with this bobbin, it has since, on the second day, been finished with the last of that fiber as seen below.  I then wound that off as a center pull ball for plying at another time.

Finishing my first bobbin on the second day


Plied Silk


These are my plied gold silk.  Two ply, since there was a flaw in the plying I cut it out and formed two small balls.  No plans right now for a project.  Created September 2015, 100% Silk.

Center Pull Balls


Aren’t these GREAT!  I love how my yarn looks when it is in beautiful center pull balls.  I am so very happy with my new center pull balls, and look forward to winding my new triple ply silk yarn and then some cotton and other yarns!  Yay!

New Center Pull Ball Winder


I just got my Center-Pull Ball Winder today!  It works amazingly well.  Alright, so I’m using a paper towel holder to hold my ‘bobbins’ of toilet paper rolls to create a center-pull ball with my newly created yarn.  I absolutely love this new bobbin winder, it works so beautifully quickly and creates gorgeous center pull balls.  I am so very happy with my new winder, and am looking forward to years of happy use.

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