This is the entirety of my setup for Spinzilla.  If I, by some miracle, manage to get all of this spun up, it is mostly merino and bamboo silk, then I do have some flax and other materials I can spin with.  I just realized I do not have my Charkha pictured, but I will be using that as a bobbin winder so I can mix up my singles for plying, as has been recommended in several of the videos I have watched on Craft Daily.

I have no real illusions about winning this competition, I am spinning rogue for my first year, but I do hope to make the monster mile.  This means that I need to spin 1, 760 yards of yarn.  Thank goodness plies count!  Last years Rogue Champion Holly Gillespie spun 18, 390 yards.  I don’t think I can come anywhere near that, but I will give it a darned good try!

Right now my next goal is to not wake up at midnight Monday Morning to start spinning, I would not be pleasant at work if that is the case!

Spin On!