These yarn cakes are wound from scrap balls I had lying around the house.  They are waiting for the arrival of my new Inklette Loom.  I decided to obtain an Inklette loom for my first loom since a rigid heddle loom with stand (at least the size I would like) would be about $412.  Don’t get me started on how much a countermarch or counterbalance loom will cost.  They are certainly a few years out on my schedule.  So, to sample what weaving is like while still obtaining a decent (hopefully) result I decided on an Inklette loom.  I know, I could have gotten an Inkle loom, but I am having enough trouble trying to figure out how to use 72″ strips let alone some that are over 100 inches.  Happy crafting, I’m going to coo over my yarn cakes for a while, so pretty!