Two things were learned this week:


A Niddy Noddy really is a wonderful tool for measuring and tidying skeins of yarn.  My Plied wool is 29 Yards after the messed up section is cut out.  One larger skein of 21yards and a smaller of 8 yards.  Very exciting.


When spinning bamboo silk, even if you can get it very pretty on the spindle, just wait until you have a wheel and can spin the very delicate thread onto a spool to easily ply later.  Anything else just winds up with wasted silk.  I tried to Navajo Ply the small bit and it just didn’t work.  I’m not going to mess with the rest until I have a solid plan in place, probably not for a few months or years.

Live and learn.  Mom: “If you don’t do anything wrong, then you aren’t doing anything.”